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2nd Stage Shut-off Switch


Inline shut-off valve

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This second stage shut-off valve is a wonderful addition to your diving equipment! This device is great for safety and can be used for recreational and technical diving. Indeed, this shut-off switch enables you to have full control of the airflow on a free flowing regulator, or inflator hose for example. For technical divers, such as sidemount divers this device is a fantastic addition to your second set of regulators and can also be added to stage bottles.

It can also be fitted onto a dry suit inflator hose system in order to stop it self-inflating or free flowing, making this shut-off valve an important safety device. Easy to put on, just slide it on and off to manually control the airflow to your second stage. This shut-off valve is 4cm (1.57 inch) long and can only be adapted to low pressure hoses with a maximum pressure of 200PSI. 

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Nickel Plated Brass / Plastic

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