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Moldable Mouth Piece


Moldable Regulator Mouth Piece

Color : Black
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This moldable mouthpiece is an essential part of your diving equipment! This moldable mouthpiece is designed to be fitted on your second stage regulator and/or your alternate air source regulator. This moldable mouthpiece enables you to keep hold of your regulator while diving without straining your jaw, as it is created to fit exactly to the shape of your mouth and jaw.

This wonderful device will help prevent jaw pain, strain which can create headaches and longer lasting issues and ensure you get a mouthpiece made only for you. It is easily molded at home in warm water, and can be remolded several times if necessary. It also comes with a small adjustable cable tie to easily secure your mouthpiece onto your regulator. Moreover, this mouthpiece is made of silicon rubber material, therefore ensuring a comfortable and smooth fit in your mouth.

Fitting all tastes, this piece of equipment comes in different colors, blue, pink, black, yellow and transparent, so you can customize your regulator.

See HERE for molding/fitting instructions 

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