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Stainless Steel Pointer with Clip


Can be used for pointing or signalling your buddy, by banging your tank.

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This pointer is a great multi-use accessory to add to your dive gear whether you are a recreational diver or a professional diver. This pointer is 34 cm long (13 inches) enabling you to easily and safely point at interesting marine features during a dive.

This pointer is long enough so you do not have to get close to elements you are trying to show, therefore avoiding any risk of sediment disturbance clouding the visibility and avoiding any risk of harming yourself. This pointer is made of stainless steel making it very resistant to corrosion and therefore ensuring a longer lifespan.  Moreover, this pointer can also be used as a tank banger, making it a perfect multi-usage device during your dive.

It also comes with a stainless steel karabiner so you can secure your pointer onto your BCD during your dive and avoid losing it. 

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Data sheet

Stainless Steel
Length (1)
340mm (14 inches)
6.3mm (0.25 inches)

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