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30m Enclosed Dive Reel


Reels can be used for deploying SMB`s, laying lines for navigation, etc.

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Used on regular dives and on more technical dives, reels are one of the most practical and essential tools for divers. This specific reel has a fully enclosed body to help you prevent line entanglement. This particularly useful feature allows you to wind the line easily and effectively during and after use.

Moreover, to give you the best control possible, this spool is designed with a lock to secure the line and ensure it does not self-unwind during use. This reel is also equipped with a quick release latch so you can easily eject the spool in case the line gets jammed. Its practical size makes it easy for you to carry on your BCD and the included lanyard will ensure you keep hold of the spool during use.

For your convenience, this product also includes a snap bolt, very useful for clipping the line onto a SMB and securing the reel. 

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Length (1)
30m (98 feet)
50mm (2 inches)
90mm (3.5 inches)

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