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Tank Banger


Excellent way to get your buddies attention, and hands free as its attached to your tank.

Color : Yellow
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A tank banger is a great device to add to your diving equipment and to enhance communication underwater. In fact, a tank banger enables you to get your buddy’s attention underwater whether it be for signaling an underwater creature or an emergency. A tank banger will get your buddy’s and other diver’s attention quickly and is therefore a good safety device to carry during a dive.

This tank banger is designed to be placed directly onto your tank so you can dive hands free and use it when needed. It is composed of a silicon strap to ensure easy of use and resistance to tears that is place around your tank, and of an ABS ball attached to the strap that you can easily reach and grab to bang against your tank to attract attention.

This great device comes in various bright colors to fit your tastes, orange, black, or yellow and to ensure it is easily located.

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ABS (Ball) / Silicone (strap)

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