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Mini Gauge, 90 Degrees

Mini Gauge with Adpator


Mini gauge to fit HP hose.

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Thimble gauge with HP hose adapter, adds a compact method of checking your tank pressure.  The face shows pressures in BAR, to a maximum of 350BAR, it's an ideal backup if you are using a wireless transmitter.
The gauge is CE approved (EN250), is fitted with a rubber boot to avoid damage and has a split ring for attachment to your BCD.
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HP Hose (15cm)

This is a short high pressure (HP) hose for attaching a pressure gauge to a first stage.  Short hoses like this are often used in side mount configurations, to minimize excess hose length; or for a wireless transmitter to reduce the chance of it getting broken when carrying tanks.


Kevlar HP Hose (36 Inch)

This 90cm (36 inches) high pressure hose with internal Kevlar braid is designed with fittings and a length to be used as a first stage hose connecting to your submersible pressure gauge (SPG).

It is the perfect length for the majority of divers allowing the hose to...


Pressure Gauge

55mm diameter gauge, featuring a pressure gauge (BAR).
The pressure gauge has a maximum pressure of 400BAR, has a brass case to provide better shock resistance and lengthen its life.
The console comes with a smooth HP hose of 80cm  (31 inches), the hose diameter...