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Kevlar HP Hose (90cm)


High Pressure hose, internal kevlar braid

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This 90cm (36 inches) high pressure hose with internal Kevlar braid is designed with fittings and a length to be used as a first stage hose connecting to your submersible pressure gauge (SPG).

It is the perfect length for the majority of divers allowing the hose to be run under the left arm, across the chest and clipped off on the right shoulder D-ring. The internal Kevlar braided material ensure the hose is exceptionally durable while still being more flexible than traditional rubber high pressure hoses making it easier and more comfortable to use while underwater. 

The black colour will allow the hose to fit with most sets of scuba equipment. With a maximum working pressure of 350 bar (5000 PSI) and a diameter of 7.5mm (0.3 inches) you can be confident these hoses will keep you safe and comfortable for a long time to come. 

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