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    RG-3100F Yoke + RG-3100S + RG-2100S +PG-450

Entry Level, Piston Regulator

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Entry Level Piston Reg

1st Stage : Yoke
2nd Stage : Adjustable (RG-3100S)
Octopus : Non-adjustable (RG-2100S)
Gauge : Single Gauge
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The Aquatec RG-3100F is an unbalanced piston-based 1st stage, with a time-tested design for demanding conditions.  This is the 1st stage of choice for a beginner or rental regulator, it comes factory cleaned and ready for up to 40% Nitrox.  A simple design, easy to maintain and great value.

The 1st stage features one high-pressure port, and four low-pressure ports; with an intermediate pressure of 9.5~10.2 BAR.  CE Approved and manufactured from chrome plated brass with stainless steel springs for long life.

Pair with an Aquatec Primary and Secondary 2nd stage, and a brass pressure gauge (BAR); NOTE regulator does not come with a power inflator hose.

Read our blog post about Unbalanced 1st Stage HERE


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