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Reef Hook with line


Used to attach yourself to a rock or DEAD reef in strong currents.

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This reef hook is the perfect accessory for recreational divers and photographers who dive in strong currents. This reef hook enables you to attach yourself to rocks while diving in strong current so you can remain in the same spot without having to over exert yourself.

This is perfect for photographers who need to focus on their subjects and stay stable during dives in difficult conditions. The hook is made of stainless steel therefore ensuring it is resistant to corrosion, and will not break in difficult conditions. It also comes with a 106 cm (42 inches) bright yellow line to give you maximum flexibility and visibility while you are attached to rocks. A stainless steel ring is attached to the end of the string enabling you to clip yourself to the hook via a karabiner.

It is important to state that this device is not to be used on alive coral as it will cause irreparable damage to it.


Data sheet

Stainless Steel (hook)
Length (1)
Line : 106cm (42 inches)
Yellow (line)

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