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List of products by brand Diving Solutions (Asia) LLP

Diving Solutions, is Singapore`s local dive equipment manufactuer.  We specialise in the desgin of LED lights, Sidemount harnesses.

18650 Battery Box...

This plastic box can fit two 18650 batteries and has a waterproof o-ring seal around the lid to keep your batteries safe even in a wet environment.   The lid features 4 clips to keep it secure and maintain the waterproof seal.


18650 Battery Box (Quad)

This is a handy box for storing your 18650 batteries safely, it helps to avoid accidental short (which can cause 18650's to overhead and be damaged).  The box fits 4 pieces of 18650 or similar size batteries, and is made from transparent plastic.


25mm Webbing (Black)

The nylon webbing is 25mm (1 inch) wide and flexible enough to make a comfortable crotch strap for harnesses.  Or for a should strap for bags/accessories, add it with our range of 25mm (1 inch) items, like buckles, sliders, and D-rings.


26mm Stainless Steel Band

This stainless steel wristband is suitable for Garmin models 5X and Descent and adds a stylish new look to your watch.  The strap features a stainless steel interlocking clasp, with removable links to adjust the strap to suit your wrist size.

This is a fashion band, we do not recommend...


Aluminium Backplate

A backplate is a key component of a buoyancy device. This aluminium backplate is perfect for those wanting to build their own buoyancy device or wanting to replace their old back plate.

It has a universal fitting, meaning it can be adapted for both single and twin tanks BCDs, and...


Aqua Socks

Aqua socks, ideal for beach wear, surfing, diving etc.  Quick-drying polyester & spandex.  Unisex fitting.  Wear inside full foot fins to avoid blisters...
36~38 = Size S
38~40 = Size M
42~44 = Size L
45~47 = Size XL

Ball Arm (15cm)

These ball arms are suitable for attached many kinds of accessories to your camera tray.  They are 15cm (6 inches) long and feature a 25mm (1 inch) ball at each end. The arms are machined for solid aluminium and anodised black for corrosion resistance; they are light weight (but negatively...


Ball Mount

This ball mount is designed to allow the Diving Solutions LED torches or any other accessory to be used with butterfly clamps.  They are made from aluminium and anodised to minimize corrosion.

The ball is 25mm (1 inc) diameter and features a large O-ring to improve grip and reduces...


Butt Slider 2

A stainless steel butt slider, made to fit 50mm (2 inches) webbing with two 30mm (1.18 inches) rings.  The butt slider is made to fit onto the back of your crotch strap for attaching side mount or stage tanks.  It provides a fixed, low-profile alternative to d-rings and sliders, rings are...


Butterfly Clamp (2 Ball)

These butterfly (ball) clamps are made to clamp two 25mm (1 inch) ball mounts; which is a standard size for scuba diving camera accessories.  They allow mounting of camera trays to ball arms, or ball arms to torches, strobes, etc.  These clamps are made from aluminium and black anodised for...