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Gopro Glove Mount


Gopro Glove Mount

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This GoPro hand mount is a great accessory for divers who wish to take amazing videos and photos of their dives, but wish stay hands-free! This hand mount fits around your hand and wrist like a glove.

It is designed to slide on your thumb and strap around your hand, leaving your hands and fingers completely free to move. The strap is adjusted via a Velcro band to enable you to fit it perfectly to the size of your wrist. Moreover, it fits both the right and the left hand to give you maximum flexibility. This GoPro glove mount is designed so you can attach your GoPro directly to it without the need of extra adapters.

It enables you to take shots in any directions as the mount can rotate 360 degrees, and also comes with a locking button for capturing stable shots. It is made of a very resistant material perfect for salt-water environments, therefore making it a great accessory for divers. 

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