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Silicone Snorkel Holder


Simple is best... small light weight and almost unbreakable.  Put one in your Save-a-dive kit.

Color : Clear
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This silicon snorkel holder is a great addition to your “save-a-dive” kit or to use everyday on your snorkel. A snorkel holder is an important component of your dive and snorkeling equipment as it ensures your snorkel is safely and comfortably secured to your mask strap during a dive or a snorkel. This snorkel holder is made of silicon, therefore ensuring maximum resistance to wear and tear and allows a very easy use.

It is a small device that fits onto any snorkel shape by easily and simply sliding the snorkel into one of the two loops, then securing it to the mask strap before sliding the second loop onto the snorkel again. It is of a very small and light design making it extremely portable and easy to carry in an equipment spares box for example.

It comes in both black color and transparent to fit your taste and diving equipment.

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