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Harness Kit

This DIY Harness kit, can be used to replace an existing harness on a backplate, etc.  Or can be used with our backplate to make a complete system,  the kits contains 320cm of 2 inch (5cm) nylon webbing,  with centre grommet for fitting backplate bolt/sex bolt to firmly locate the...


Crotch Strap Kit

Adding a crotch strap to a BCD can add stability for the BCD on your body underwater.  While improving the BCD position on the surface and keeping you out of the water.  This kit includes, 2 inch (5cm) polyester webbing (for added comfort) for added comfort, includes 1 stainless steel...


Aluminium Backplate

A backplate is a key component of a buoyancy device. This aluminium backplate is perfect for those wanting to build their own buoyancy device or wanting to replace their old back plate.

It has a universal fitting, meaning it can be adapted for both single and twin tanks BCDs, and...


Single Tank Adapter

Using a Single Tank Adapter (STA) with a metal backplate adds stability to the tank, and improves buoyancy control (less roll).  These single tank adaptors are specially designed by us at Diving Solutions and made from anodized Aluminium, to be the lightweight solution rather than the more...


Power Inflator Head

This BCD power inflator is the perfect replacement for a defective power inflator. It is of a simple and effective K-style design, meaning both of your inflation options are on the same side.

As such, this power inflator gives you the option to power inflate your BCD...


Over Pressure Valve (OPV)...

The primary purpose of an overpressure release valve is to prevent accidental over inflation of your BCD or drysuit by automatically releasing extra air contained in the bladder once it reaches a critical point.

This overpressure release valve is sold as a...


Power Inflator (K Type)...

This is the complete power inflator set perfect for replacing a damaged or defective inflator, and for divers looking at building their own BCDs.

The power inflator is designed with a simple and easy to use K-style structure, which is composed with a power inflator...


Inflator Hose Elbow

This elbow is to connect your BCD with the power inflator hose.  It will fit our OPV Outer part and includes a rubber seal.  It can be used to replace an existing fitting or to change a dump valve type to a non-dump valve.


Inflator/OPV Fitting

This item is the internal 'Mushroom nut' and double layer seal.  Suitable for standard 50mm (2 inches) OPV/Power inflators.  The part is designed to be used with our OPV outer and is a compression seal, no glue is required for use.

Plastic Backpack

This plastic molded backpack is suitable for those seeking a lightweight BCD alternative.  It can be used with or without a bladder and is commonly used in the commercial diving community.  Suitable for use with 2 inch (50mm) webbing harness and crotch strap; a standard cam band can be used...