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GoPro Adapter

This adapter is designed for fitting DS Mini torch or other accessories to GoPro QR mounts or similar.  It gives you a flexible way to combine other accessories with a wide range of GoPro accessories.


DS350/1000 Main O-Rings

   Carry some spare o-ring for your Diving Solutions torch, is important...  Having a split o-ring on a dive trip, and without any spares could mean missing that awesome night dive...or worse still flooding the torch.  Always remember to apply a thin layer of silicon grease when...


Torch Hand Mount

This torch hand mount is a great device to add to your dive equipment! This torch hand mount will allow you to dive freely and comfortably without having to get your torch in and out of your BCD pocket.

It is made of black woven Nylon to ensure resistance to...


DS350/1000 Torch Mini Pouch

   Small pouch suitable for our DS350/1000 LED torch, or any torch about 27mm (1 inch) diameter and 100mm (4 inches) long.  Fits onto 50mm (2 inch) webbing or a belt, just as useful as an accessory for everyday use or camping as well as diving.  

Suitable for DS350/1000 LED...

18650 Battery Box...

This plastic box can fit two 18650 batteries and has a waterproof o-ring seal around the lid to keep your batteries safe even in a wet environment.   The lid features 4 clips to keep it secure and maintain the waterproof seal.


18650 Battery Box (Quad)

This is a handy box for storing your 18650 batteries safely, it helps to avoid accidental short (which can cause 18650's to overhead and be damaged).  The box fits 4 pieces of 18650 or similar size batteries, and is made from transparent plastic.


18650 Li-Ion Battery, USB...

  These Lithium-Ion batteries fit our current model of DS torches, we recommend using the 18650 battery with protection circuit.  This 18650 features a USB charging circuit, meaning that it's changed using a standard mobile phone micro USB charger/power bank; making it perfect for changing...