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Annual servicing of regulators is an important factor in ensuring its long life; just remember the fact that this is the part of your diving gear, that allows you to breathe underwater!



NOTE: You should only service/adjust your regulator if you know what you are doing; getting things wrong can be fatal!  If you are not sure STOP, go to a reputable dive shop; or enroll yourself in a service technicians course!


RAID Examiner, and director of Diving Solutions (Asia), in Singapore.

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RG-2100F 1st Stage

The Aquatec RG-2100F is a diaphragm design 1st stage, offering a consistent airflow independent of depth/tank pressure.  This is a compact 1st stage featuring two high-pressure ports, and four low-pressure ports; with an intermediate pressure of 9.5~10.2 BAR.  CE Approved and manufactured from...


RG-2100F Service Kit

This service kit is for an original Aquatec RG-2100F 1st stage and is recommended for use when servicing this type of first stage.

CAUTION: Ensure you have the proper training to maintain your own equipment, Diving Solutions holds no responsibility for misuse, damage or...


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