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Dive Watch/Computer Screen Protector


Stop you valuable dive computer screen from getting scratched.

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Dive computers are one of the most essential dive gear, and being able to read the screen during a dive is critical to a diver’s safety. Therefore, it is very important to protect the screen of your dive computer to avoid any damage such as scratches, which will impede your ability to read the information it provides during a dive.

This revolutionary screen protector will fit most dive computers and can be removed and replaced as needed. It is made of clear silicon rubber allowing the round shaped centre to be easily placed on your computer screen. It is designed with two loops on either side of the screen protector allowing you to fit the straps of your dive computer inside each of them, therefore securing the screen protector onto your computer.

You are then able to remove your screen protector after each dive in order to rinse your computer and screen protector thoroughly, thus preventing accumulation of salt and dirt in between the screen protector and your screen. 

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