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360 Deg Swivel Joint

360 Deg Swivel Joint


Add comfort and streamlining to your second stage

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This 360 degree swivel joint is the most useful accessory to add to the second stage of your regulator. In fact, it will relieve you from the uncomfortable feeling of your regulator straining your mouth when you look in different directions, and will relieve you from subsequent jaw fatigue and ache.

This 360 deg swivel connector will give freedom of movement to the second stage of your regulator by acting like an elbow, will make your low pressure hose more streamlined, and will enable your second stage to sit comfortably in your mouth, therefore avoiding clenching and tension. This connector is made of nickel platted brass for increased resistance, and is easily fitted in between your second stage and low-pressure hose.

It is effortlessly cared for enabling you to fit it and clean it yourself. For your convenience this product also comes with spare o-rings.

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Nickel Plated, Brass

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