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DS350 Mini F

DS Mini 350R


53 Lumens (Red), 63 degree beam (full angle)



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This DS Mini R350 torch is a Diving Solution brand torch that is designed to be used by divers to help reduce blinding our buddy or other divers.  But also to allow you to get closer to the creatures.  Many creatures in the sea are not sensitive to red light, and using this torch will startle them less, allowing you to get closer.
This torch is of a very compact design making it practical to carry in a pocket and in one hand. It is made of aluminum that has been anodized coated therefore ensuring its resistance to corrosion and durability. Moreover, it is sealed by a double o-ring placed between the head and the body of the torch and is designed with an extra long thread to ensure maximum protection against flooding.
This amazing torch has a battery life of 4.5 hours following the NEMA standards (maximum of 4:45), a maximum depth of 200m and produces a brightness of 135 lumens. The torch includes 2 USB rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

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Data sheet

200m (Max)
Battery Life
4.25 Hrs
Beam Angle (Degrees)
Length (1)
105mm (4.13 inches)
25mm (1 inch)
Beam Color
Blue (640nm)
Brightness (Lumens)
135 Lumens

Specific References


350R Datasheet, Rev3

Download (389.58k)

DS350/1000 Torch Mini Pouch

   Small pouch suitable for our DS350/1000 LED torch, or any torch about 27mm (1 inch) diameter and 100mm (4 inches) long.  Fits onto 50mm (2 inch) webbing or a belt, just as useful as an accessory for everyday use or camping as well as diving.  

Suitable for DS350/1000 LED...