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Suunto Dx

Suunto Dx - Elastomer


Suunto Dx (D10), 8 gas mixes, 3D compass & wireless Air Integration, Rebreather mode!

  • Black
  • Silver


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The Suunto Dx (D10) is the latest and most advanced dive computer in their range.  It combines Air, Nitrox, Trimix and even rebreather capabilities into a wristwatch-sized device!
Treat yourself to the best Suunto has to offer...
  • Titanium Case, Sapphire Crystal glass
  • Full continuous decompression algorithm, NEW Suunto Fused RGBM
  • Rebreather + Trimix, inc. Helium & Oxygen
  • Gas switching, up to 8 mixes
  • Five modes – CCR, air, mixed gas, gauge & off
  • Rubber strap, and USB data cable
  • Tilt-compensated, 3D compass
  • Wireless Air Integration (Optional)
  • Updateable firmware & built-in dive planner

Data sheet

107 gr (3.77 oz)
Battery Life
~ 1 yr
Titanium case, elastomer strap
17.3 mm (0.63 inches)
46.8 mm (1.84 inches)

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