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Snorkel Clip - Plastic

Snorkel Clip - Plastic


Plastic snorkel clip

  • Black
  • Clear


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This plastic snorkel clip is the perfect addition to your dive and snorkel equipment.

This snorkel clip will ensure your snorkel stays secure and well adjusted to your mask while snorkeling or diving. It is made of plastic material therefore providing resistance to saltwater environments and prolonged use, as well as easy portability. Simply slide your snorkel into the round shaped holder and clip it onto your mask strap.

This snorkel holder is designed with a very easy to use press clip mechanism that you can open to insert your mask strap in and then clip shut to ensure your mask strap stays secure. The diameter of this snorkel holder is 25mm (1 inch) and is only suitable for round snorkels. It comes in two versions, black or transparent to fit your tastes and your equipment.

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Tube : 25mm (1 inch)

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