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2nd Stage Quick Disconnect

2nd Stage Quick Disconnect (Complete)


Quick Disconnect



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This second stage quick disconnect is a wonderful piece of equipment for any divers who possesses different second stage regulators and want to change your rig configuration to better adapt it to your needs and BCDs.
In fact, this second stage quick disconnect enables you to connect and disconnect your second stage regulators quickly and effectively without needing to use a wrench. This great device enables you to interchange your second stages onto your low-pressure hoses without running the risk of de-tuning your regulators by misusing tools and fitting them improperly onto your hoses.
This second stage quick disconnect is made of nickel-plated brass making it a strong and resistant device and is designed with a built in lock down screw to avoid accidental removal during use. This device also includes male and female fitting making it perfect for personalizing your rig, and can also be used for full-face masks.

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Nickel Plated Brass / Plastic

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