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List of products by brand Aquatec

Aquaec Scuba products

180 Deg Swivel Joint

This swivel joint allows your second stage to sit in your mouth more comfortably by allowing the hose to move to a natural position.  Thus reducing stress and fatigue on your jaw, allowing you to more easily turn your head; it can also add comfort when sharing air with a buddy.



Air Buddy

This device works as an emergency 2nd stage, for yourself or others; it connects to your BCD but does not affect your BCD`s operation.

The air buddy has a small valve inside that you push with your tongue, to allow air to flow.  Breathing from it is similar to breathing from a...


Air Horn

Surface signal air horn, powered by low-pressure inflator hose. Volume 125~130dB, simple single finger action.

Caution: Do not point at peoples ears, ear damage may occur!

Select the suitable connection to fit your BCD connector (if you're not sure, just ask).


Aquatec Frameless Mask

The MK-350 mask, features a frameless design for great flexibility on many different face sizes.  It features a crystal clear glass for excellent optical transparency, removing the green tint often experienced if other glass types.  The frameless mask has a tempered single lens design, with a...


Aquatec Galaxy Knife

The Galaxy knife is made from stainless steel to minimise corrosion.  It is a super compact design and great to put into your BCD pocket as a backup while diving.  Or keep on your keychain for emergencies.

When unfolded the blade locks for safety, the base of the blade has serrations on...


Aquatec Guardian Filter

The Aquatec Guardian Air Filter, helps to clean oil, dirt, odours, bacteria and heavy metals from the gas from your tank.  The filter features a six-layer easy changeable filter, helps to reduce dry throats by moisturising the air; as well as reducing post dive headaches.  It is designed to...


Aquatec Guardian...

Replacement air filter for the Guardian Air Filter, the filter helps to remove dirt, rust and other contamination in the breathing gas. When replacing the filter, remember to fill with some distilled or bottles water to increase air moisture and reduce ‘dry throat’.

The charcoal &...