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100% Dry Snorkel with built...

This Aropec snorkel is the perfect piece of equipment for divers and snorkelers. It is a 100% dry snorkel meaning that the snorkel is designed with a floating mechanism at the top preventing water from entering the snorkel as the snorkeler dives down for example.

Once the snorkeler...


Full Face Snorkeling Mask

A full-face snorkeling mask is a wonderful piece of equipment for snorkeling. A full-face mask is a great option for snorkeling excursions and allows you to get the best sight of the underwater marine life!

This full-face mask is customized by and designed for Diving...


Foldable Snorkel

A foldable snorkel is the perfect device for divers who dislike wearing a snorkel while diving but want to keep one handy in case of need! This foldable snorkel is designed by and made for Diving Solution only, therefore ensuring you get the best quality product and value.


Aquatec Frameless Mask

The MK-350 mask, features a frameless design for great flexibility on many different face sizes.  It features a crystal clear glass for excellent optical transparency, removing the green tint often experienced if other glass types.  The frameless mask has a tempered single lens design, with a...


Aquatec Single Lens Mask

The Mk-600 has a single tempered glass lens and features a high-strength internal frame and high-quality silicone skirt.  The tempered glass lens is made from ultra-clear optical glass for excellent clarity and no color distortion.   This mask is designed to fit a wide range of face sizes,...


Mares X-Vision Ultra LS

Stylish diving mask from Mares, featuring the legendary Mares Liquid Skin skirt for super comfort and fit.

  • New Bi-silicone skirt contoured for enhanced fit and comfort
  • Hydrodynamic design - Makes you look good :-)
  • Small ribs around nose to relieve pressure
  • ...

Childrens Mask

This children size scuba mask is an essential piece of dive gear for scuba diving or snorkeling kids.  The frame design combined with the tempered, ultra clear lenses provide durability while also allowing maximum light transmission and therefore increasing your underwater view....


Free Diving Low Volume Mask

This is a very low volume mask, offering good visibility and easy clearing; making it ideal for a Free Diver or a scuba diver.

The mask has two tempered glass lenses, with a soft black silicone skirt for good sealing.   It features quick adjust buckles on each side and a comfortable...


Maximum Field Mask [Aquatec]

This mask design offers a 150% increase field of view (at 1 meter); with its use of a larger single piece lens.  The construction shortens the distance between the lens and your eye, to improve range of view and reduce its volume.

Constructed from a strong Polycarbonate frame, bonded...