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Spring Fin Straps (Pair) -...

This pair of spring fin straps is a necessary piece of equipment for any divers who would like to upgrade their rubber fin straps to more resistant straps. As a matter of fact, these fin straps are incredibly resistant and are made to reach the highest safety and quality standards.



DS1000 Mini N Head

    A narrow beam, 1000 Lumen version of our favourite DS350 mini LED torch.  As with all our DS350/1000 torches, the heads are interchangeable, this head is great for a primary night diving light, or as a good backup for tech divers.


Lift bag (Large)

Lift bags can be a multi-purpose tool for a diver, not only do they help to increase the bouyancy of objects for recovery, but can also be used in place of an SMB or even as an emergency buoyancy device on the surface.  If your using a lift back for object recovery, please practice first; it...

Thigh Pouch

    Storing accessories properly when diving, is an overlooked art for the recreational diver.  How many Christmas Trees have your seen?  Where a diver is covered with things dangling from them, it doesn`t look cool, it isn`t practical and can even be an entanglement hazard.  Store things...

1st Stage Dust Cap

This dust cap for a regulator’s first stage is a necessary piece of equipment for any divers with their own regulator.
A dust cap is an essential device that protects you regulator from getting damaged. Indeed, the dust cap protects your first stage from outside elements while the...

Pressure Gauge

55mm diameter gauge, featuring a pressure gauge (BAR).
The pressure gauge has a maximum pressure of 400BAR, has a brass case to provide better shock resistance and lengthen its life.
The console comes with a smooth HP hose of 80cm  (31 inches), the hose diameter...

3mm Low Cut Booties

This pair of Aropec low cut booties is a great piece of equipment for divers owning open-heel fins. These boots are designed to protect divers’ feet and will keep them warm and comfortable during the dive and on the boat.

This pair of boots is made of 3 mm thick neoprene, therefore,...


Scuba Air 3 2nd Stage

This is an integrated secondary 2nd Stage (octopus), and BCD power inflator.  It allows you to combine the two items, and reduce the hoses/2nd stage from your regulator setup; to help improve streamlining.  It also features a built-in underwater/surface signaling device, similar to the Sub...


Swimming Goggles-Child

These swimming goggles, are sized to suit children or people with small faces.  They feature a soft silicone one-piece frame, with polycarbonate lenses that offer a good peripheral vision.  The adjustable silicone strap makes it quick and easy to adjust and any head size.