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2mm Aquathermal Gloves

These gloves feature a 2mm Aqua Thermal back with an Amara palm to provide both warmth and cut protection.  The flexible Amara material (synthetic suede) is soft and flexible and gives enhanced durability and abrasion resistance.  The gloves feature a wide elastic band around the wrist with a...


RG-4100F 1st Stage

The Aquatec RG-4100F is a balanced diaphragm design 1st stage, offering a consistent airflow independent of depth/tank pressure.  This is a compact 1st stage featuring two high-pressure ports, and four low-pressure ports; with an intermediate pressure of 9.5~10.2 BAR. 

Designed for...


Scuba Air 3 2nd Stage

This is an integrated secondary 2nd Stage (octopus), and BCD power inflator.  It allows you to combine the two items, and reduce the hoses/2nd stage from your regulator setup; to help improve streamlining.  It also features a built-in underwater/surface signaling device, similar to the Sub...


3mm Mens Shorty Wetsuit

This wetsuit is made from 3mm thick fine-mesh neoprene at the cheat; with 2mm neoprene at the back, arms and legs.  It features 'Skin seal' at the legs and arm openings and an adjustable neckline with a velcro strap.

The shorty has a waist-length zipper at the back, with a nylon webbing...


Reef Creature ID - Tropical...

This guide provides a reference of over 500 pages, detailing 1,600 reef animals using 2,000 high-quality photographs.  Detailed descriptions are provided, making a perfect for diving professionals, photographers or underwater naturalists.  This book was published in November 2010.



Free Diving Fins

Long blade freediving/spearfishing fins, featuring a softer more comfortable foot pocket for improved power transmission.  The fins have changeable high-performance plastic long blades, with stiffer lateral sides.

The fins feature a slightly concave shape from the foot to the blade, to...


Pressure Gauge

55mm diameter gauge, featuring a pressure gauge (BAR).
The pressure gauge has a maximum pressure of 400BAR, has a brass case to provide better shock resistance and lengthen its life.
The console comes with a smooth HP hose of 80cm  (31 inches), the hose diameter...