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Lycra Cap

The Aropec Lycra cap is suitable for swimming, scuba diving, keep the sun off your head or to wear under a motorcycle helmet.

For scuba diving its a great for keeping your hair out of your mask, without causing the buoyancy problems of a hood.


1.5mm Hood

This 1.5mm neoprene hood can help to reduce body heat loss so keeping you warmer on a dive.  Additionally, it can reduce scratches, abrasions, and stings to your head and face as well as helping to control long hair.


NeoSkin Hooded Vest

This sleeveless hooded top is manufactured using the NeoSkin Neoprene to guarantee superior thermal insulation from the water.  It features a velcro strip on the right side to allow easier fitting and removal.  The top is reversible so can be warm with the silver side on the inside or the...


5/3mm Hood

This neoprene hood features a soft flexible face seal, a 3mm Super Stretch panel around the neck, and multiple air release hose on the crown of the head (to minimize inflation).  All seams are blind stitched and glued.