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Christo-Lube MGC111 O2...

This Christo-Lube Oxygen compatible grease is an essential component to add to your maintenance and save-a-dive kit bag. The high performance PFPE based lubricant is designed to provide long lasting lubrication and protection to all of your most essential diving gear.


DIN Tank Valve Cover (Delrin)

This DIN tank valve cover is the necessary equipment for protecting your tank valve before and after use. In fact it is great for protecting your tank valve from getting damaged and preventing outside elements from entering your valve.

The valve cover seals over the...


Tank Cam Band

A standard 50mm (2") wide tank 'cam band' 90cm (35") long, perfect as a replacement for a warn band on an existing BCD/harness or for the DIY type looking to make something themselves.  These bands can also be used for Side Mounting or stage bottle mounting.

Fits most tanks up to...

Tank Yoke O-Ring (Nitrile)

These o-rings are made from Nitrile rubber so can be used for Nitrox upto MAX 40%, do not expose these o-rings to oxygen (for example during partial pressure blending) as they made combust and/or contaminte the air.  These are of a 90 hardness, which is slightly more than what is usually...

Tank Yoke O-Ring (Viton)

These o-rings are made from Viton, which is suitbale for use with pure oxygen; so are recommended for applications of Nitrox above 40%.   They are a black color, so care should be taken not to confuse them with the standard Nitrile type that are NOT oxygen compatible.

Suitable for...

Silicone Tank Strap

This silicon tank strap is a very useful and essential addition to your dive equipment if you are a sidemount diver or use stage bottles.

Very easy to use and very practical this silicon tank strap will allow you to keep your regulator hoses neatly tidied away during...


Tank Boot (AL80)

This is a rubber tank boot, suitable for cylinders with a diameter of 18.5cm (7.25 inches).  The boot helps to protect the cylinder when placed on hard surfaces s well as protect tiled surfaces like swimming pools.