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1st Stage Dust Cap

This dust cap for a regulator’s first stage is a necessary piece of equipment for any divers with their own regulator.
A dust cap is an essential device that protects you regulator from getting damaged. Indeed, the dust cap protects your first stage from outside elements while the...

3 Hose Clip/Holder

Hose holders are a great addition to a diver’s equipment. In fact, all experienced divers know that keeping your regulator’s hoses streamlined with your BCD make your dives more comfortable and safe.

This hose holder enables you to clip it onto you BCD and can hold one, two or three...


360 Deg Swivel Joint

This 360 degree swivel joint is the most useful accessory to add to the second stage of your regulator. In fact, it will relieve you from the uncomfortable feeling of your regulator straining your mouth when you look in different directions, and will relieve you from subsequent jaw...


DIN Regulator Cover (Delrin)

This DIN regulator valve cover is the perfect accessory for protecting your regulator first stage before and after use. This DIN regulator valve cover is essential to protecting your first stage from getting damaged and preventing outside elements from entering your valve....


Gauge Spool

  These are the small device that helps to seal your gauge onto the end of your HP Hose.  If you start seeing a stream of bubbles from the bottom of your pressure gauge, its a good sign this part is damaged or worn and should be replaced to stop the leak.  


Octopus Holder

   Having an easily accessible octpus (alternate air source) in an emergency can be a life saver (literaly).  Using this clip, the 2nd stage can be securly attached to your BCD when not needed; but with a quick pull it will detach and is ready to breath. 


Mini Gauge with Adpator

Thimble gauge with HP hose adapter, adds a compact method of checking your tank pressure.  The face shows pressures in BAR, to a maximum of 350BAR, it's an ideal backup if you are using a wireless transmitter.
The gauge is CE approved (EN250), is fitted with a rubber boot to avoid...