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Silicon Mask Strap

Soft silicon replacement mask strap will fit most scuba diving masks; features a broad pad area for increased comfort.

REMEMBER, carrying a spare mask strap with you on a dive trip is a good thing, and could avoid you losing your mask!  Our mask straps are made from soft silicon...

Silicone Snorkel Holder

This silicon snorkel holder is a great addition to your “save-a-dive” kit or to use everyday on your snorkel. A snorkel holder is an important component of your dive and snorkeling equipment as it ensures your snorkel is safely and comfortably secured to your mask strap during a dive or...


Anti-Fog Spray

Using your own spit can be gross or offensive to some people, so use the proper product.  Use a specialized mask anti-fog solutions!  This anti-fog comes in a bottle of 30ml, so can be hand-carried on flights without any issue.

Please follow directions for use.


Neoprene Mask Pad

2.5mm thick, neoprene mask pad.  Fitting this on your mask strap will add comfort and increase ease of fitting as the pad will no stick to your hair.  The pad also helps, should you drop your mask, by making it slightly more buoyant so it will slowly sink.

The pads fit well with our...