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RAID Examiner, and director of Diving Solutions (Asia), in Singapore.

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RG-1100F 1st Stage

The Aquatec RG-1100F is a piston based 1st stage, featuring the Extended Thermal Insulating System that gives this 1st stage a 30% improvement of freezing over previous models.  It has an ultra fast breathing response and great sensitivity with extra-high airflow.

The 1st stage features...


RG-3100F 1st Stage

The Aquatec RG-3100F is a piston based 1st stage, with a time-tested design for demanding conditions.  This is the 1st stage of choice for a rental regulator, it comes factory cleaned and ready for up to 40% Nitrox.  A simple design, easy to maintain and great value.

The 1st stage...


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